Industrial Plant

Thanks to its thirty years of experience, Nuova Tecnosolar designs and builds industrial plants, following its customer from construction to installation. A competent, professional and helpful approach comes into an efficient circular process.

Strategically located in the middle of Sassuolo ceramic district, it specialises in the ceramic industry and has evolved into other areas and industries.

1. Project

Customisation is a keyword in Nuova Tecnosolar.

We project industrial plants starting from the technical drawing, thus meeting the customer’s needs. Our technical department is available for collaboration and specialised in the creation of versatile production lines adaptable to any activity and area. Continuous support makes it possible to follow project and construction step by step, thus creating customised industrial plants from scratch

Our team of technicians and engineers can provide structural and earthquake-proof certifications and calculation reports, stability and torsion checks, structural designs and declarations of conformity, in order to deliver a safe and compliant industrial plant on a turnkey basis

Our technical department is composed by two different units and they work separately but in synergy and balance: the plant department deals with the study and development of layouts, while machinery department is related to the construction and installation of machines.

2. Construction

Nuova Tecnosolar builds its plants from scratch with the support of its experts.

Extensive knowledge of materials and processing systems makes it possible to customise and realise required industrial plant.

Each project conforms to an automated and technological 4.0 production.

3. Installation

Our engineers are specialised in plant installation.

Our teams are so many and are supported by our supervisor who deals with every need on site.